So Much Lyrics

So much, so much
I got so much to give
So much

Smooth like butter
Smooth like melted butter

I had a taste
Was real nice
I kept it cool
Thought that one scoop would suffice
Don’t want to be too obvious
But fuck a chase
I ain’t no sprinter
Want you all over my toast
Breakfast for dinner
Ain’t it sweet…

Baby let’s get this cracking
Fuck around & put on a show
No need to worry baby
No one needs to know
I just want you to show me
Show me your body

Tell me that everything’s going to be okay
Tell me that no matter what you won’t stray
If you can’t baby then imma have to go my own way
Learned what I had to & now I know I cannot stay

Cause I got
So much to give
I got so much so much
So much to give
So much
So much
I got so much to give
So much
So much to give